Basic Course in Colposcopy

The Basic Course has been designed for those starting out, training in and practising colposcopy. It covers all the fundamental topics and latest advances in the field that you will need in starting to study and understand colposcopy, cervical physiology and pathology, and management of cervical neoplasia.

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Advanced Course on Cervical and Lower Genital Tract Neoplasia

The Advanced Course provides those already practising colposcopy with a greater awareness and understanding of many of the problems associated with dealing with cervical neoplasia. It builds on basic Colposcopy training, covering in detail the diagnosis and management of cervical and lower genital tract neoplasia.

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Excellent course, very comprehensive and the online format works very well as you can return to parts of the course whenever you want and work through the material at your own pace.

<1 year Colp experience

Sarah, Ireland

I undertook the course 5 years ago and I just got a refresher; the course has been up to date with recent developments and I really enjoyed all modules in addition to the interactive session.

3-5 years experience

Alex, UK

I want to congratulate you for the excellent course. I complete all my expectations.

From a Dr with more than 5 years experience in Colposcopy.

Fabio, Colombia

I am a specialty O&G dr and a locum consultant in NHS. As I am an overseas-trained doctor with no exposure to gain the knowledge of colposcopy. My clinical director guided me to this course to improve my understanding and knowledge.

A, Sri Lanka

Excellent course.

From a Gynaecologist with 3-5 years Colposcopy experience.

Stuart, UK